Former German Ambassador to the US and to the UK, Wolfgang is Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Global Head of Government Relations at Allianz SE, and serves among others on the European Advisory Board of Investcorp and on the board of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Mr. Ischinger was in the German Foreign Service after working at the United Nations in New York and completing his law degree from the University of Geneva and then his Master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He has participated in several international negotiations, including the Kosovo crisis talks, the Bosnia Peace Talks, and other EU and NATO talks. He has represented Germany in international conferences, such as the G8, the EU Summit Meetings and conferences at the UN, New York. In addition to his activities as an international statesman, he is also an active scholar and has been published widely on topics ranging from European and transatlantic issues, foreign policy, arms control policy, and international security. Mr. Ischinger was awarded the 2008 Leo Baeck Medal for his humanitarian and social work and his recently been awarded an honorary professorship by the renowned University of Tübingen. ____________

Britain's Place in Europe

January 18, 2013

Is the growing noise in Britain over its potential EU exit a sign of a deeper crisis within the continent?

It's Europe, Not the Euro, Stupid!

October 18, 2011

A German perspective on the Eurozone crisis, and an analysis of the dilemma that Germany now faces. Trying to explain the German approach to the Euro crisis, and to Greece, the "Economist" last week went back more than 400 years all the way to Martin Luther, to sin and damnation:...