Vickie Wambura Wamonje

Vickie Wambura Wamonje is the Founder and Executive Director of Nafisika Trust. She has over six years experience engaging with the criminal justice system in Kenya, with a particular focus on prisons. Together with prison administrations, the Trust has rolled out initiatives aimed at reducing recidivism among inmates through behaviour change and economic empowerment skills training. She has experience in partnership formation, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and management. In recognition of her work and transformative approach, she was elected an Ashoka Fellow in 2013 and a Washington Fellow in 2014.

Rehabilitating Young Offenders: Youth Employment in Kenya

July 30, 2014

The lack of access to gainful employment is a cause of frustration and disappointment for many young people in Kenya. Vickie Wambura Wamonje is the founder of Nafisika Trust, a prison rehabilitation program that seeks to reduce recidivism rates among prison inmates in Kenya. She was elected an Ashoka Fellow...

Kenya: From Prison Inmates to Ambassadors of Change

July 23, 2014

Nafisika Trust aims to help young people in Kenyan prisons to become ambassadors of change, not of crime. Vickie Wambura Wamonje founded Nafisika Trust after discovering that Kenyan prisoners were often young repeat offenders who continued to commit crimes following their release from prison. She wanted to provide transformational experiences to help...