Valmiki Faleiro

Valmiki Faleiro, a distinguished voice in Goan literature, honed his craft as a staff reporter for the West Coast Times. National publications, including the Current Weekly and Indian Express, sought his insights on Goa. A participant in the prestigious 'Workshop for Asian Writers,' Faleiro's journalistic expertise graced journals like Navhind Times and Detective Digest. Beyond writing, he briefly served as municipal president in Margao. Returning to the written word, he contributed to notable works like "In Black and White: Insiders' Stories about the Press in Goa." Faleiro's literary footprint extends to captivating volumes such as "Patriotism in Action" and "Soaring Spirit," encapsulating Goa's essence.

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Goa, 1961

Goa, 1961: The Complete Story of Nationalism and...


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