Vikram Sood

A former head of the Research and Analysis Wing, India’s external intelligence agency, Vikram had a long and distinguished career as an intelligence operative. In addition, he is a formidable intellectual who has been publishing regularly on security, foreign relations, and strategic issues in leading newspapers and journals. Vikram is also consulting editor with and contributor to the Indian Defense Review, a New Delhi based quarterly. Vikram is one of those rare intelligence people who now writes a blog and is also on Twitter. He has embraced new technology and is advising Fair Observer how to combine great analysis with cutting-edge technology. Our advisors help us to stay true to our mission by suggesting key global issues for analysis, giving feedback and sharing their thoughts with us. They are involved in strategic advice and in formulating our vision but have no role in the day to day running of Fair Observer and hold no responsibilities. Therefore, our advisors hold no legal liability whatsoever for Fair Observer.

India-Pakistan: Hope and Reality

May 16, 2012

An Indian veteran’s perspectives on the India-Pakistan relationship. Old shibboleths and half-truths take a long time to wither away. Pakistan still likes to believe, or at least its leadership does, that India is determined to undo the partition and grab Pakistan. It is essential that Pakistan be convinced through force...

Pakistan-US Relations in a Trough, but Only for Now

Feb 12, 2012

Analysis on the US-Pakistan relationship, and on the events which affected it over the last year. New Delhi, Feb.3 (ANI): In his Union address on January 24 President Barack Obama said "One of my proudest possessions is the flag that the Seal Team took with them on the mission to...

Now That Iraq's Done

Jan 01, 2012

The Great game of the 21st Century is being played out in West Asia. This time around, it’s about the control of Iran’s vast energy resources. The United States’s war in Iraq is over but it has ended in a fiasco. Iraq is unstable and Iran is emerging as the...

China Does Some Chest Thumping

Sep 29, 2011

A commentary on China’s interests in the lands and seas surrounding it and the need for counter measures by states situated in China’s periphery.

Afghanistan - What Went Wrong and What Comes Next

Mar 22, 2011

The increasingly prevalent view, although not officially articulated inside the Washington DC Beltway, is that the Afghan war seems militarily unwinnable and politically uncertain. The choice now is not about winning and leaving but to select from some very poor options after the US has been involved in its longest...