Tsedale M. Melaku

Tsedale M. Melaku is a sociologist and postdoctoral research fellow at the Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY). She is the author of the 2019 book, You Don't Look Like a Lawyer: Black Women and Systemic Gendered Racism. Her research focuses on how race and gender affect advancement in traditionally white institutional spaces and how white racial framing and systemic gendered racism play a crucial role in the experiences of women of color within predominantly white spaces. Melaku is particularly interested in how the intersection of race, gender and class operates on the experiences of women of color in elite work environments. Presently, she is developing her theories on invisible labor and its impact on marginalized individuals in the workplace. Melaku received her PhD and MPhil in Sociology from the Graduate Center, CUNY, and her BA in Sociology and Africana Studies from New York University.
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It’s Time for #MeToo to Address Structural Racism

The impact of the #MeToo movement has no doubt been useful in getting us to speak about the traumas we experience in various spaces. But there is more to be done. Every institution, ranging from private to public, which includes professional, religious, political, educational and social organizations, is not exempt from its reach. However, when thinking about women of color and their experience... Continue Reading

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Amy Cooper, White Privilege and the Murder of Black People

Amy Cooper worked at my firm when I was a paralegal. She was a cohort member in my PhD program, a professor whose class I took, a professor in the department I taught in and on the faculty I interviewed with for a job. Amy Cooper is a character type. She votes democratically, lives in a liberal city, imagines herself a liberal, believes she’s “woke” and wears a mask that hides her racism... Continue Reading

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Rosy Image of US Equality Glosses Over Systemic Racism

In this edition of The Interview, Fair Observer talks to Dr. Tsedale Melaku, a critical race and gender scholar at the City University of New York.  The United States thrives on being a multicultural and diverse society that guarantees individual freedoms and rights to all its citizens. However, even though the brutal institution of slavery and the era of racial segregation are a thing of the... Continue Reading

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