Tom Webster

Tom Webster is a historian specializing in British religious history of the early modern period and the philosophy of history. He has a doctorate from the University of Cambridge and 20 years of experience as an academic. He has been an activist and analyst in politics for all his life, with work on LGBTQ rights, feminism, human rights, anti-racism, environmental issues and for electoral reform.

For Britain, Only Certainty is Uncertainty

June 01, 2017

The consequences for the balance of power in British politics will not be settled on June 8. In the boisterous brouhaha of a general election with a very short campaigning period, if there is a unifying characteristic, it is its oddness. The oddness was present from the declaration of the...

Independent Scotland: A Wish for the Chance to Make Our Own Mistakes

September 15, 2014

Scottish independence is the first stage in a process to work toward a better society. The way the debate on the pros and cons of the potential independence of Scotland has developed has been fascinating in a number of ways. The first is the considerable gap between the selectivity and...