Tim Crockett

Tim Crockett is Chief Executive Officer of Pioneer Consulting Group, a firm he and his wife, Jennifer, co-founded in 2009 that provides focused security risk, crisis management and travel safety services and training to companies seeking to keep their personnel safe both at home and abroad. Tim has a strong military background that serves him well in designing and providing security and crisis management solutions. A native of Hereford, England, he became a member of the Royal Marine Commandos in 1990 and joined the Special Boat Service in 1992. As a member of this highly specialized group, he saw service in a number of environments from the jungle to the Arctic, eventually leading a maritime counter-terrorist team specializing in anti-piracy and anti-smuggling initiatives. After deployments to Northern Iraq, the Balkans and Latin America, he became the senior instructor and assessor for the United Kingdom’s Special Forces selection course based in Hereford, England. Tim moved into the private sector in 2001 to pursue a varied career providing security (to a number of private clients) in a number of areas, including; executive close protection, threat and vulnerability assessments, risk evaluation to projects and personnel, and the implementation of security management proceedures in West Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Latin America. Prior to forming The Pioneer Group, Tim was executive director for a leading UK security risk management company where he advised clients who operated predominately in hostile environments, working alongside many of them in the field, with deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, Central & West Africa, Southeast Asia and the Amazon jungle of Brazil. For two years beginning in 2002, he worked within a major international news media network, training their personnel to operate in hostile environments and co-coordinating all of their field safety and security requirements before, during and after the last Gulf War. He attended the first U.S. Department of Defense media training course and made recommendations to the P.A.O (Public Affairs Office/officer) personnel at the Pentagon to better tailor the course to help prepare embedded journalists for the dangers of covering the war. Tim has given presentations on safety and security training in a number of forums in the media, humanitarian (NGO) and energy sectors, including the Media Leaders meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2005. Tim has appeared on a number of major news networks (CNN, CBC, Fox News) and has been quoted in several publications and the print media. Tim is an avid traveller, and the Crockett family, for the past 60-plus years and three generations, has been involved in the travel industry. So, as well as working alongside clients in hostile environments, Tim has a wealth of experience in providing solutions for clients undertaking routine travel domestically or internationally. While working with the media, he has helped contribute to safer newsgathering. He has been honored by the Royal Television Society, the Overseas Press Club of America and won a Peabody Award his role in CNN’s ‘Terror on Tape’ series. Tim also served on the first Board of Directors for the Homeland Security Foundation of America, a non-profit organization for Public Safety, Energy Security and Health & Human Services, and was the chair for the Foundation’s Public Safety Committee.
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