Thakor Patel

Thakor Patel is a certified internist/nephrologist retired from the US Navy after 23 years active service, where he acted as medical director and program head, among others. Patel participated in Operation Urgent Fury, Grenada and Operation Desert Shield/Storm, before moving on to Veterans Affairs as national director for kidney diseases, diabetes and cancer. After retirement, he has dedicated his time to creating and managing the Sevak Project that trains people in rural areas to screen for preventable chronic diseases.

Bringing Sustainable Healthcare to Rural India

An independent project is increasing access to healthcare in rural India. A good quality healthcare system and access to it by the impoverished is a widely-discussed issue, with governments across the world working toward resolving it. India, with its population of approximately 1.2 billion people, is seeing an improvement in public healthcare but, with a population set to be the largest in... Continue Reading

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