Thad Perry

Thad Perry is an entrepreneur and consummate consultant. As a senior partner with Accenture for several decades, he held substantive roles in transformation consulting, venture and deal-making, practice management of several thousand consultants, and global executive leadership, one-third of that time living and working internationally. He has been engaged in technology-driven innovation and realization projects from nuclear power plant operations through building stock exchanges, to greenfield automotive manufacturing. Through his focus in the financial services, manufacturing, utilities, and telecommunications industries, he became immersed in risk and vulnerability processes, both technical and organizational. In working with large, targeted organizations, he was focused on preplanning and adaptive processes to keep up with rapid technology advancements, tenacity and sharing amongst an accelerating community of cybercriminals, to an organizational lag in adapting to them, from the board to front-line specialist. What is new with the latest threat, ransomware, is that it has as its targets all industries and organizations — from big to small. Perry is an engineering and business school graduate from the Ohio State University and has held both CPA and PE certificates (inactive).


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