T. Tyler

Founding partner and Director of Pareto Energy, Tim is an innovator and entrepreneur who takes the lead on expanding and updating port infrastructure while reducing energy consumption and emissions at the same time. Tim works tirelessly to bring local energy, sustainability, and economic development into his projects across America. With an MA in Russian and East European Studies from Yale University, Tim is also a keen observer of developments in international security and has been published by the Brookings Institute and the Wall Street Journal. Tim has broad experience negotiating in Europe and the Middle and Far East as a senior executive for the US government. Tim has been involved with debt restructurings for Turkey, Jordan, and Honduras, among others, and has also been part of negotiating weapons systems sales. He will be advising Fair Observer on our coverage of energy and economic related issues. ________________________________________________________________________ Our advisors help us to stay true to our mission by suggesting key global issues for analysis, giving feedback and sharing their thoughts with us. They are involved in strategic advice and in formulating our vision but have no role in the day to day running of Fair Observer and hold no responsibilities. Therefore, our advisors hold no legal liability whatsoever for Fair Observer.


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