Sven Harding

film director
Sven Harding is an award-winning British filmmaker and writer based in Cape Town, South Africa. He looks at the world in a different way, constantly drawing upon his art school background to find a fresh perspective for his films. He excels at promoting causes with his emotive and poetic visual style. His work has won awards around the world, from Cannes to Tokyo to Dubai, and he's worked with global organizations such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Nestle, American Express, Red Bull and Greenpeace.
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Place of Sweet Waters

How do you bring a water source back to life? We have all heard the terms genocide, infanticide, regicide. But now we live in a new reality where hydrocide—water scarcity as a result of social misuse of water resources—is a term to remember. Before Cape Town was settled by Europeans, the indigenous people called it Camissa—Place of Sweet Waters—because of its abundant springs. The... Continue Reading

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