Suku Ramanathan

Suku Ramanathan is a technology executive with 15 years of experience in product management, marketing, and sales. He has expertise in enterprise software and application development services and has worked in large corporate environments and startups. At Stripe, Ramanathan leads the enterprise sales team for mid-market customers and previously assisted global customers in business transformation using the world's largest cloud computing provider. He's proficient in high-tech business development and has extensive knowledge of international markets.

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Managing Technology Innovation for a Better Future

Technological innovation has been rapid. In 1993, the Mosaic browser was launched. Recently, OpenAI released ChatGPT, putting into spotlight the effect of AI on society. AI could lead to hard-coding existing inequalities. Therefore, we have to ensure access, training and privacy standards for the fast-emerging AI to create a better future for all. Continue Reading

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