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Steve Westly is the founder of The Westly Group, a large sustainability venture capital firm, and previously served as the controller and chief fiscal officer of the State of California from 2003 to 2007.
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A 21st-Century Marshall Plan for Cyber Defense

The Republican Party is facing an existential crisis. Will their traditional base of small-government, low-tax party members endure, especially as they come under increasing attacks from, anti-immigrant, anti-science MAGA fundamentalists? Democrats face challenges of their own trying to figure out how to weave together moderate Biden Democrats with a new generation of democratic socialists.... Continue Reading

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Is Bitcoin the New Coal?

In February, Tesla announced it had purchased $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and would soon accept the cryptocurrency for car purchases. While bolstering Elon Musk’s crypto cred on Twitter, the move has a serious climate impact. Tesla prides itself on being the green car company, made starker after its 2016 acquisition of SolarCity. Yet According to Cambridge University analysis,... Continue Reading

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What the Democrats Need to Understand About America

The most-watched election in the world is over, and the United States will have a new president. Democrats succeeded in removing Donald Trump from office — the first one-term president in nearly 30 years and the fourth in the last century — but the Republican Party won this election. Joe Biden will begin his presidency without the mandate many expected. Democrats will retain control of the... Continue Reading

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The Importance of the US-South Korea Relationship

There are many things we look for in a president. We look for leadership and the ability to manage grave challenges like a pandemic. While most people are focused on avoiding COVID-19 and keeping their jobs, we would be wise to remember that one of the most important roles for any president is to build a set of global allies who will stand with us when inevitable conflicts occur. Today,... Continue Reading

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What Really Makes America Great

This year’s US presidential election is likely to unleash the most polarizing discourse we’ve seen in decades. We’re likely to hear both sides use extreme labels like fascist, socialist and racist. We’ve already seen a clear schism between the parties and an equally deep-seated hostility within the parties. A Better Way to Connect in Lockdown READ MORE In short, the 2020... Continue Reading

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Is America Really the “Land of the Free”?

Freedom is under attack around the world. Police are rounding up hundreds of opposition protesters in Moscow, while hundreds of thousands are protesting in Hong Kong for freer elections, a free press and freedom from extradition to China. Yet in the United States, the hard right is taking extraordinary actions to restrict freedoms for half the population: women. Six states have passed laws... Continue Reading

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The Right Green New Deal

The Green New Deal as proposed makes the right diagnosis, but the wrong prescription for government action on renewable energy. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey’s Green New Deal has sparked an important and overdue debate about America’s energy future. The core message of the controversial bill is correct: America needs an all-hands-on-deck effort to combat... Continue Reading

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California Wildfires: It’s Time to Tackle the Root of the Problem

The real solution to reducing California’s wildfires lies in building a world-class economy that moves off carbon-based fuels to sustainable energy. Smoky skies and incinerated homes from wildfires are becoming the new normal in the United States and other countries throughout the world. Bad luck alone is not to blame. Climate change is creating drier weather and is dissipating the snow... Continue Reading

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Who Will Fix California's Biggest Problem?

 The looming problem of California's pension system should be front and center for the upcoming governor’s race. As the California governor’s race heats up, voters should focus on one issue that towers above all others in importance: our public pension system’s slide toward insolvency. Even as the stock market soars to historic highs, our state pension funds remain substantially... Continue Reading

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Is Climate Change Causing America's Catastrophic Landslides?

You can now add landslides to the list of America's climate change concerns. This last year California had two of the most devastating fires in its history, with a firestorm that burned 245,000 acres and killed 44 people. The cost to the economy was over $85 million. Just seven weeks later, the wildfires in the southern part of the state burned 307,900 acres and over 250,000 people were forced... Continue Reading

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