Steve Hewitt

Steve Hewitt is a senior lecturer in the Department of History and the American and Canadian Studies Centre at the University of Birmingham. He is the past president of the British Association for Canadian Studies, and has published a number of books and articles related to the history of Canada and to security and intelligence in the past and present. His research interests include American, British and Canadian security and intelligence in the past and present, including counterterrorism, policing, spying and surveillance in the form of human intelligence through informers and undercover agents. He also studies and teaches on anti-Americanism and Canadian history and politics.
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Is There a Link Between Foreign Policy and Terrorism?

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was criticized for raising this issue on the campaign trail, but it's time we talked about it. What causes terrorism? The combination of the horrendous terrorist attack in Manchester and a British general election inevitably meant that this question would dominate political and media discourses. And so it has. Particular attention has, once again, been drawn... Continue Reading

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