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Scott Lucas is a professor of international politics at the University of Birmingham. He began his career as a specialist in American and British foreign policy, but his research interests now also cover current international affairs—especially North Africa, the Middle East and Iran—new media and intelligence services. A professional journalist since 1979, Lucas is the founder and editor of EA WorldView, a leading website in daily news and analysis of Iran, Turkey, Syria and the wider Middle East, as well as US foreign policy.
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Who Are Syria’s White Helmets?

The White Helmets, volunteers who provide humanitarian aid in the worst of conditions, have been targeted by a very caustic conspiracy theory. A young man, wearing a white helmet and a distinctive yellow-and-blue badge on his arm, digs for four hours in the rubble of a building destroyed by a Russian airstrike in Idlib Province in northwest Syria. Finally, he sees what he’s looking for:... Continue Reading

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What the Iran Nuclear Deal Means

With Iran and world powers agreeing on a final deal, what does the new development mean? Iran and the P5+1 (the United States, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany) have at last completed a comprehensive nuclear agreement after years of discussions and threats of conflict. The deal sets out requirements for keeping Iran’s nuclear program from producing nuclear weapons, and it... Continue Reading

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