Saroj Chadha

Saroj Chadha is a retired Army officer. He is presently running his own automation business.

Rahul Gandhi’s Speech at CII

Has Rahul Gandhi missed an opportunity once again to raise his image and stature as a politician and a leader? Events come and events go. Some events are more talked about before they take place while others give the luxury of discussion in hindsight. Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) falls in the latter category. Did the speech and Gandhi scion leave a... Continue Reading

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Modi: Indian Prime Minister in 2014?

After Narendra Modi's victory in Gujarat, where does the BJP stand? Is BJP’s, more specifically Mr. Narendra Modi’s, winning in Gujarat good for the nation as a whole? I personally think it is since not only does it provide continuity of governance in Gujarat but also strengthens the BJP at national level. This augurs well for the national political scene since a strong... Continue Reading

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