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Sarah Zaaimi is a journalist and international development professional. She has worked and lived extensively in Europe, North America and the MENA region and managed development projects in more than 16 countries, including conflict and post-conflict areas. Her career began as a journalist in Morocco, and she has since worked as a reporter, editor and producer for the BBC, Al Hurra, Al Araby TV and Asharq Al Awsat. Zaaimi, working on projects related to strategic communication, social media and
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The Russia-Ukraine War Shows History Did Not End, Ethics Did

American political scientist Francis Fukuyama hailed “the end of history” and the ascendancy of Western liberal democracy in an article published in the National Interest at the very moment of  the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Fukuyama naively prophesized the rise of the unipolar world order led by the United States and the downfall of its eastern archenemy, the Soviet Union. As... Continue Reading

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Muslims Will Not Kill God for Marianne

Two conflicting narratives have been clashing anew in extremely heated debates amid what we may call “a new cartoon crisis.” On one side, there is a sizable portion of orthodox Muslims with a strong aniconism tradition and who perceive the representation of sacred characters as unpardonable blasphemy. On the other are defenders of secularism who consider freedom of expression a holy human... Continue Reading

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Breaking Down the Un-United States

As I casually went through my daily press review, I came across one of those articles that paint Joe Biden as the future redeemer of the United States. I couldn’t resist the urge of commenting, even if that meant breaking the rule I had set for myself to remain a passive observer. My comment questioned the physical and intellectual abilities of Uncle Joe, and the paranoid Facebook users... Continue Reading

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