Sana Jamal

Sana Jamal is a former Associate Editor (Central & South Asia) at Fair Observer. She has previously worked as a Research Intern at the Center for International and Regional Studies at Georgetown University. She is currently taking International Politics with a concentration in International Security at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.
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Blurred Lines: When is National Security No Longer an Excuse?

Snowden's controversial disclosures reignite the debate over national security vs civil liberties. Background In early June, Edward Snowden, a US intelligence employee, disclosed highly classified documents to the Guardian and the Washington Post, revealing that the United States and United Kingdom had been running a highly intrusive mass electronic surveillance campaign. Under a cluster... Continue Reading

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Pakistan Calling: A New Way of Thinking

Switching the spotlight: taking a deeper look at Pakistan's underreported issues. Background There is often a lack of range and depth in what is reported about Pakistan. Since the Afghanistan War, the media have remained fixated on covering terrorism and sectarian related events. No doubt, these conflicts need to be addressed but balance in reportage cannot be sacrificed. One-dimensional... Continue Reading

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