Rhea Bhasin

Rhea Bhasin is an editorial intern at Fair Observer and a student at the Cathedral and John Connon School in Mumbai, India. She is a competitive sailor and an avid writer who enjoys writing about sociopolitical issues.

It’s Time to Make India’s Education Good Enough for All

July 20, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has detrimentally impacted education systems worldwide. Of the 1.2 billion children that the coronavirus has thrown out of classrooms, at least one-third have no access to remote learning and hence no access to education. The UN estimates that 24 million children will not return to school due...

America’s War on Abortion

September 23, 2020

Despite the World Health Organization (WHO) releasing a statement earlier this year articulating that, “services related to reproductive health are considered to be part of essential services during the COVID-19 outbreak,” legislators in some US states have been making relentless efforts to declare abortion services as non-essential during the pandemic....