Ramyar Hassani

Ramyar Hassani has worked as a human rights observer in Colombia, Iraq, and Greece. During the great wave of asylum seekers in 2015 he worked with refugees in Greece. He is majoring in the field of Middle-Eastern and Religious studies at the University of Oslo. He has been published on major platforms such as The Jerusalem Post. You can follow him on Twitter at @RamyarHassani or email him at Ramyar.hassani@gmail.com.
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Deaf Ear, Blind Eye for Iran's Human Rights Abuses

When it comes to human rights violations in Iran, Europe's stance is often influenced by its economic interests. Whenever Europe is mentioned outside the continent itself, one key feature associated with it by non-Europeans is human rights. Whenever its leaders come together to discuss global matters, they ostensibly emphasize the importance of upholding human rights around the world. While... Continue Reading

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