Pshtiwan Faraj Mohammed

University lecturer
Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj Mohammed is a former national consultant with the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq, working with the political mission of SRSG Mr. Jan Kubish. He has a PhD in Cultural Studies of the War Against Terrorism from Brunel University, UK. Since 2005, he has taught at several Iraqi universities and has also worked with dozens of international NGOs in Iraq. He is the author, coauthor, translator or coeditor of several books, articles and monographs exploring Iraqi and Kurdish politics, media development, civil society, human rights, transitional justice, jus post bellum, R2P, CVE, PVE and peacebuilding.
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Why Barham Salih Deserves a Second Term in Iraq

In Iraqi Kurdistan, there is a growing debate over a potential second term for Barham Salih, the president of the Republic of Iraq. This matter has led to polarization in Kurdish politics and society, and it could destabilize relations between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). If left unresolved, it could threaten political stability in the... Continue Reading

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It’s Time to Eradicate Corruption in Kurdistan’s Schools

Kurdistan’s education system is riddled with corruption. "The 9th grade math's exam sheets have been leaked," a friend of one of these authors wrote over Facebook. "Have you got any information about the leak out of the 12th grade exam?" said another friend a couple of hours later. Later that night, a younger brother of one of the authors knocked on the door and rushed to the laptop to... Continue Reading

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