Pema Abrahams

Pema Abrahams is a freelance journalist based in Nepal. Previously based in India for Human Rights Watch, she has well-rounded experience working on human rights issues in (post-) conflict countries, including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. In Nepal, Abrahams managed a USAID-funded project to strengthen the Nepal National Human Rights Commission through the Asia Foundation and edited reports for a DFID-funded project to combat gender-based violence in conjunction with the OPMCM in Nepal. More recently from London, she has been researching post-conflict dynamics in Sri Lanka with the International Crisis Group, and organized a panel discussion on gender and female artists in conflict zones at the London School of Economics (LSE). Currently a freelance researcher and journalist based again in Nepal, she has published on human rights, citizenship and statelessness, community mediation, and federalism. Abrahams holds an MSc in Politics and Conflict Studies from the LSE as well as a non-degree certification in International Human Rights Law and Practice also from the same university.

Closing the Gaps: Nepal's Marginalized Communities

January 12, 2014

Nepal’s constitution-making process has received limited participation from women and ethnic minorities. With a voter turnout of 70%, a new sense of optimism has emerged following Nepal’s November 19 elections — an exercise in reconciliation and democracy that held the potential for impressive gains but also significant challenges.