Pawel Kumiszcze

Pawel Kumiszcze is a freelance journalist with several years of experience working as a television and radio reporter.

Getting Out of Poland's Remand Prison

January 13, 2016

Maciej Dobrowolski spent 40 months in prison because he was accused of committing two felonies. The excessive use of detention in remand is under the spotlight in Poland. On the far-flung northern outskirts of Warsaw, Poland’s largest remand prison, Warsaw-Bialoleka, serves as a distant memory of the country’s communist past....

Poland Treats Ukrainian-Born Refugees Unfairly

October 12, 2015

Ukrainians of Polish descent who independently fled their home country for Poland cannot count on the same treatment as their evacuated compatriots. Bathed in the intense early afternoon sunlight, the clock on Warsaw’s arguably most recognizable building, the Palace of Culture and Science, counts down the minutes to 1pm. The...