Omar Sadr

Omar Sadr is a research associate at the Afghanistan Institute for Strategic Studies. His primary research interests lie in the intersection of culture and politics. He submitted his PhD thesis on “Negotiating Cultural Diversity in Afghanistan” at the Department of International Relations, South Asian University in New Delhi. Prior to that, he worked as an academic assistant at the National Centre for Policy Research, Kabul University. Sadr has written about politics, history and culture of Afghanistan for a number of local and international publications, including the National Centre for Policy Research Journal, 8Subh Newspaper (Farsi) and Fair Observer.

Understanding War in Afghanistan: Politics, Culture and Social History

October 14, 2014

The war in Afghanistan should be studied in relation to political culture, political economy and broader national and regional history. After the formation of the modern nation-state between 1880-1929, Afghanistan has witnessed at least seven major conflicts. Starting from the war of state construction and establishing a centralized authority between...

The Politics of Literary Censorship in Afghanistan

July 01, 2014

Literary censorship in Afghanistan has always been part of a larger cultural project of nation-building. Book burning was a common practice in the despotic empires and authoritarian regimes of the Middle Ages, as well as the nation-states of the 20th century. It happened under the rule of the Ghaznavid dynasty in...