Nour Omar Shaban

Nour Omar Shaban Ismail is a Palestinian teenager who is an aspiring writer. He currently studies in France, and his goal is go back to Gaza to help his fellow people. His interests lie in politics, economics and poetry.

Memories That Last a Lifetime in Gaza

March 04, 2016

Being locked in an “open-air prison” in Gaza, Palestinian youth have lost hope. I was born in one of the most dangerous places in the world: the Gaza Strip. This is a land where the hopes and dreams of young men and women go to die, where the children work...

Life in Gaza: From a Palestinian Teenager

September 07, 2015

A solution to Gaza’s woes must be found. Otherwise the youth will draw the shortest straw. Over one year has passed since the 2014 Gaza War. With mass death and destruction during those fateful days, the events after the conflict have been much worse. Once the violence had ended, Palestinians...

A Birthday Wish From Gaza

October 13, 2014

The Gaza conflict changed the lives of Palestinians, especially teenagers. Every day, I watch TV and see my city in ruins. During the latest war in Gaza, I had a little light of hope inside of me but now that hope is gone. Hope has died in the hearts of...

Bombs and Screams: The Reality of War in Gaza

August 07, 2014

If you were forced to flee your home, what would you take with you? This war is like no other. More than ever before, mosques, churches and UN shelters have been targeted. With a fragile 72-hour ceasefire in place at the time of writing, there is still no safe place...

War and Peace: The Youth of Gaza

August 01, 2014

Palestinians and Israelis cannot keep fighting for the rest of their lives; they must make peace. I have lived and grown up in the Gaza Strip, one of the most dangerous places in the world. Despite only being 16 years old, I have seen death and destruction, and lived through...