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Nicolas J.S. Davies is an independent journalist and a researcher for CODEPINK. He is also the author of Blood On Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq. Davies and Medea Benjamin have co-authored War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict, available from OR Books in November 2022.
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The World Presses to End the War in Ukraine War: Can the US Agree?

Pressure is mounting from the international community, including members of NATO, to reach a diplomatic settlement and end the madness of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile public support is mounting in the US urging the government to prioritize diplomacy and strive for a peaceful resolution. The authors appeal to all concerned citizens to act. Continue Reading

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US National Security Experts Now Call for Peace in Ukraine

The war is not going well for Ukraine. Ukraine is short of men and materiel. The different types of weapons supplied by the West pose their own problems and the planned counter-offensive lacks the element of surprise. Negotiations, not continued fighting, are the more sensible option. Continue Reading

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Can the US Adjust Sensibly to a New Multipolar World?

As US power declines on the global stage, other actors are stepping up. De-dollarization, deeping regional cooperation within Europe, the rising influence of China in the Middle East and Latin America leaning left pose significant challenges. The operative question today is how the long-dominant US adapts to this new multipolar world order. Continue Reading

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Peacemaker Finland Is Now Part of Nuclear NATO

For years, Finland preserved its tradition of neutrality. The country had a robust military, autonomous foreign policy and a tradition of global peacemaking. Now, Finland has lost its strategic autonomy, weakened its peacemaking credentials and increased chances of slipping into a large-scale war. Continue Reading

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The Scary Not-So-Winding Road from Iraq to Ukraine

Neoconservative ideas of regime-change led to the disastrous 2003 Iraq War and have provoked the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War. In fact, the US record easily matches, or arguably far outstrips, the illegality and brutality of Russia’s crimes in Ukraine. Continue Reading

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Winners and Losers of Big Economic War Over Ukraine

After a year of the Russia-Ukraine War, Western expectations have gone up in smoke (and methane). The winners are oil companies, oil-producing countries and weapons makers. The losers are the people of Ukraine, working and poor people everywhere, especially in the Global South. Also, the climate and the world have been sacrificed to the God of War. Continue Reading

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Ukraine: How Lies Fuel a New Bloody War of Attrition

The authors argue that none of the stakeholders in this war — the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the USA and its NATO allies — has leveled with its own people to honestly explain what it is fighting for, what it really hopes to achieve and how it plans to achieve it. All sides claim to be fighting for noble causes. But in this war of shameless spin, real people are being murdered and cities... Continue Reading

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