Nicolas J.S. Davies

Nicolas J.S. Davies is an independent journalist and a researcher for CODEPINK. He is also the author of “Blood On Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq.”

The US Joins the “Rules-Based World” on Afghanistan

Mar 26, 2021

On March 18, the world was treated to the spectacle of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken sternly lecturing senior Chinese officials about the need for China to respect a “rules-based order.” The alternative, Blinken warned, is a world in which might makes right, and “that would be a far...

Biden Should Rejoin the Iran Deal Before It's Too Late

Feb 25, 2021

As Congress still struggles to pass a COVID relief bill, the rest of the world is nervously reserving judgment on the new US president and his foreign policy after successive administrations have delivered unexpected and damaging shocks to the world and the international system. Cautious optimism toward President Joe Biden is very much based...