Michael Julien

Chartered Accountant
Michael Julien is a chartered accountant with extensive international business experience. After qualifying with Price Waterhouse, he moved into industry and commerce where he spent eight years in the Lloyds Insurance market as Group FD/CFO of first CE Heath and then Willis. For the next 10 years, he was Group FD/CFO of BICC (manufacturing and construction) and then Group FD/CFO of Midland Bank Group. He then became CEO of retailer Storehouse and then chairman of First Choice Holidays whilst also being a non-executive director of Guinness for 10 years, until the merger of Guinness and GrandMet, when it was re-named Diageo.

Brexit Blues Set In After EU Referendum

Britain is not the only country in Europe to have a large number of Euroskeptics. Brexit blues have now set in as the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom’s Remain campaign reflect on what caused it to lose the referendum. The campaigns on both the Leave and Remain sides of the argument were not conducted by explaining the issues in a calm and considered manner, but were dominated by... Continue Reading

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The Fuss About the UK Government’s EU Referendum Booklet

The EU will need to integrate much more closely if the dream of a United States of Europe is to ever come true. The long-awaited booklet from the British government on the forthcoming European Union (EU) referendum arrived recently in the post-boxes of 27 million households in the United Kingdom at a cost of more than £9 million ($12 million), all of which has been paid for by the... Continue Reading

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The Question of Sovereignty in the EU Referendum

A vote to leave the European Union will be life-changing for the British people. Whilst many issues are being discussed in relation to the forthcoming European Union (EU) referendum in the United Kingdom, the issue of “sovereignty” is the one that divides the remain and leave camps. The highly respected think tank Open Europe, which is backing neither side, has made it clear that the... Continue Reading

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