Martin Plaut

Born in South Africa, Martin Plaut is currently senior research fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and holds the same post with King’s College London. He studied at the Universities of Cape Town, Witwatersrand and Warwick before joining the Labour Party as secretary on Africa and the Middle East. In 1984 he joined the BBC, working primarily on Africa. He became Africa editor at World Service News, retiring in 2013. Plaut has advised the British and American governments, as well as the European Parliament. He has published widely on the Horn of Africa and southern Africa.
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The Tigray War Was Tragic, Can Peace Prevail Now?

On 28 December 2022, flights by Ethiopian Airlines resumed to the wartorn northern region of Tigray. A plane landed at Mekelle, Tigray’s regional capital. There were emotional scenes. Families who had not seen each other since the war began in November 2020 were hugging each other and crying. Social media showed passengers kissing the ground at the foot of the aircraft steps. Continue Reading

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