Maria Fernanda Tapia Cortes

Maria Fernanda Tapia Cortes studies communication and journalism at Universidad del Valle de Atemajac in Guadalajara, Mexico. She has worked as community manager and writer for several local media, including the Meanwhile in Mexico website. A champion of several debate tournaments, she is also part of Occasio Communication, a nonprofit organization that aims to promote debate and critical thinking among the youth.
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The Tragedy of Journalism in Mexico

Journalism is facing a crisis in Mexico, leading to protests calling for an end to violence. “A murdered journalist means one less voice in favor of the people.” These words, written in Spanish, were placed on a blanket outside a memorial for Javier Valdéz, a reporter for La Jornada who was murdered on May 15. He is the fourth journalist to be killed in Mexico this year and the second... Continue Reading

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Are Mexico and America Heading for a Breakup?

Mexico’s relationship with the US is at an impasse. Donald Trump has already built barriers around his relationship with Mexico that are higher than any wall. The diplomatic slip in the form of a tweet that ended with President Enrique Peña Nieto canceling their meeting was apparently fixed after the phone call between the two presidents held on January 27, in which they agreed to not... Continue Reading

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Solving Mexico's Oil Crisis

An increase in gasoline prices is causing havoc in Mexico. Mexico starts 2017 with two trending topics: the announcement of new gasoline prices to the market, and multiple protests inspired by the adjustment period in the form of a 20% price hike. But while Mexicans are filled with outrage, moguls around the world anticipate the potential earnings that this represents. The big question is: Who... Continue Reading

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