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Maa Zhi Hong is a political analyst based in Singapore. He has written for TODAY Online Singapore, The Asia Times, South China Morning Post and The Nikkei Asian Review.
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China’s Uncertain Recovery From COVID-19

A lot has changed since the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in Wuhan, China, in December last year. While much remains unknown about the new coronavirus, COVID-19 has since spread rapidly from its origin in China to every corner of the world except Antarctica. Unlike previous health crises such as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) in 2003 and Ebola in 2014, this global pandemic has... Continue Reading

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How Effective Is China’s Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Just a month into the start of the new decade, the world is faced with one of the worst public health crises in recent years. Since its initial emergence in the city of Wuhan in early December 2019, a new coronavirus has spread rapidly from Hubei province to the whole of China and other parts of the world. According to the latest statistics, the virus has officially infected more than 20,000... Continue Reading

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The Long History of Foreign Interference in US Politics

On October 31, the US House of Representatives held a formal vote on its first resolution in relation to the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. The resolution, which passed by 232 votes to 196 along party lines, set out rules on how the impeachment inquiry will proceed in the next phase where open public hearings will be held on the alleged impeachable offenses committed by the... Continue Reading

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