Leila Sayed-Taha

Leila Sayed-Taha is a Board member of the National Lawyers Guild Chicago Chapter. For the past decade, she has been involved in issues pertaining to immigration, civil liberties, women empowerment and education. She has with worked with communities in the Middle East, the United Kingdom and Chicago, where she is currently based. She holds an LLM in International Human Rights Law and Criminal Justice from DePaul University.

Guantanamo Bay in the Words of a Prisoner

Written by Mohamedou Ould Slahi, Guantanamo Diary details his life inside the US military prison where he remains to this day. Imagine you receive a knock on the door one day as you return home from work. It’s the police requesting you visit the local police station to answer some routine questions. You take your own car and leave your house for the station to find the course of your life... Continue Reading

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