Larry Beck

Larry Beck is a lifelong leftist and activist. He has practiced criminal law as both a prosecutor and defender. For much of the last 15 years, he has been an international consultant working in the developing world on criminal law reform, governance and judicial reform issues. Beck has traveled to over 80 countries, worked in over 25 and lived abroad for extended periods. He was a Peace Corp volunteer in Costa Rica in the early 1980s.

Cold Warriors Stoke Another War in Ukraine

To be clear at the outset, what is going on in Ukraine is horrific. With nothing more at the ready than a national ego bruised by the 20th century, Vladimir Putin has brought death and destruction to Ukraine, a country that has been trying to manage its geopolitical affairs in a relatively responsible manner. There can be no meaningful excuses advanced to overcome the heinous brutality of a war... Continue Reading

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On the Road in a Divided and Delusional America

“Democracy” is the currency of hypocrisy in today’s America. No politician or pundit seems able to get enough of it. Most of the babble is about “our precious democracy” and the threats to its institutional survival. But amid all the talk, there is so little critical analysis of that “precious democracy” and hardly a moment to reflect on what the word “democracy” itself... Continue Reading

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America Is on the Edge of a Critical Precipice

As we enter a new year, there is every warning you can think of that the Biden presidency, its promise and its transformational potential will come to a crashing end in 2022. When circumstance, willful ignorance and an utter disdain for governmental achievement and good governance conspire together to undermine aspiration, no amount of policy response will win the day. Only passion and anger... Continue Reading

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The Wrong Attorney General at the Wrong Time

It is way beyond time to wonder how Donald Trump, most of his close associates and some members of his immediate family are still breathing the heady air of freedom from criminal indictment. America and the world have watched one of the world’s preeminent grifters lie, cheat and steal in plain sight for years without any meaningful measure of accountability. Trump lives the good life,... Continue Reading

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The US Senate, the Filibuster and the 50-State Solution

Democracy seems to be in the eye of the beholder. There are not many places where a country's leadership stands up and shouts to the world that the country is a repressive dictatorship in which the rights of man are routinely trampled for the benefit of the few. Will Joe Manchin Remain a Democrat? READ MORE On the other hand, there are lots of places that claim to have a fealty... Continue Reading

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America Lurches Toward Its Checkered Past

If you live in Texas, are unemployed and own a handgun, you are in luck. The Texas Republican governor, his stooges and the Texas Republican-controlled legislature have stepped up to the plate for you. On September 1, Texans were gifted with a new law essentially banning abortions in the state, but with a twist sure to be embraced by the unemployed. Anyone who wants to pick up a quick $10,000... Continue Reading

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Remembering What to Remember in America

As America approaches the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 disaster, there are still terrorists hanging out in many of the world’s shadowy recesses, some of whom are probably hoping for another opportunity to bring down another shrine to capitalism somewhere in the American homeland. Even with this continuing threat still looming over the nation and after years of a “war on terror” fought in... Continue Reading

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Congress Adjourns While the Nation Burns

While the fate of many in Afghanistan hangs in the balance, at least Americans at home can breathe a sigh of relief. Both the US House of Representatives and the Senate are on vacation for weeks to come. Citizens of the nation’s capital can recapture their identity from the out-of-town blowhards who give Washington a bad name. The trick now will be to encourage as many Republicans as possible... Continue Reading

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“Freedom” Failed to Set Americans Free

A little over a month ago, those who were fully COVID-19 vaccinated in America were feeling pretty good about themselves and their prospects for a summer of wining, dining and a bit of travel. The kiddies, even though unvaccinated, could for some unexplained reason do camp, amusement parks and movies with a return to full in-person schooling to come. And just to show how far we had come in... Continue Reading

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Confronting America’s Drive to Collective Amnesia

It seems that there is a deep pent-up desire in America to avoid meaningful change at all cost. It is hard enough to confront issues honestly and forthrightly in the best of times. But it is nearly impossible to do so in an environment that prizes consensus over responsibility. The vocabulary of avoidance is everywhere and reaching epic proportions. Nowhere is this more obvious and dangerous... Continue Reading

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