Krista Walton Potter

Krista Walton Potter is the Digital Communications and Editorial Manager at the Global Fund for Women. Her writing has appeared in print and online publications, including The Washington Post, AARP Bulletin, Preservation Magazine and others.
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Delayed Election Puts Safety of Nigerian Women in the Spotlight

Amid a delayed election and a Boko Haram insurgency, Nigerian women and girls are increasingly becoming targets of violence. Nigerian authorities recently postponed elections that had been scheduled for February, ostensibly to give them more time to fight Boko Haram, the militant Islamist extremist group with ties to the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. The delay heightens the already intense... Continue Reading

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How Women Are Bearing the Brunt of the Ebola Epidemic

Three-quarters of Ebola victims are women, with caretakers especially at risk. The deadliest Ebola outbreak on record is sweeping West Africa, with over 3,400 lives claimed already. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 20,000 additional cases will be reported by November. And women are being affected most severely. In fact, 75% of those who have died from Ebola are... Continue Reading

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