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How Artificial Intelligence Can Slow the Spread of COVID-19

March 14, 2021

A new machine learning approach to COVID-19 testing has produced encouraging results in Greece. The technology, named Eva, dynamically used recent testing results collected at the Greek border to detect and limit the importation of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases among arriving international passengers between August and November 2020, which helped contain...

Coronavirus and Supply Chain Disruption: What Firms Can Learn

March 21, 2020

Long stretches of empty supermarket shelves and shortages of essential supplies are only the visible impacts to consumers of the global supply chain disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unseen are the production stoppages in locations across China and other countries and the shortages of raw materials, sub-assemblies and finished...

Stock Shock: What Lies Ahead for Global Markets?

March 14, 2020

Uncertainties continue to multiply over the coronavirus outbreak. US investors saw stock values plunge nearly 20% in the past three weeks. Cases of COVID-19, the new coronavirus, are proliferating outside China. To add to the bedlam, during last weekend a price war broke out between Saudi Arabia and Russia, leading to a...

Is Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax Proposal Too Optimistic?

December 22, 2019

An “ultra-millionaire tax” — or wealth tax — proposed by Democratic presidential primaries candidate Elizabeth Warren is likely to raise between $2.3 trillion and $2.7 trillion in additional revenue in 10 years from 2021 to 2030, according to a study by the Penn Wharton Budget Model (PWBM), a nonpartisan research initiative that analyzes...

Is Free Shipping Sustainable for Retailers?

December 14, 2019

Shoppers who ventured into stores on Black Friday, November 29, may have noticed significantly less frenzy than in previous years, when the traditional start of the holiday retail season made headlines for stampeding crowds racing in for doorbusters and desperate parents fighting over the last Tickle Me Elmo toy. To...

Can Uber Overcome Its Regulatory Obstacles?

December 07, 2019

Uber has lost its license to operate in London — one of its biggest markets globally – for the second time in two years. On November 25, Transport for London (TfL), the regulator of taxi and private hire services in the city, stated that it has “identified a pattern of failures by...

Why Disney Is Betting Big on Streaming

November 23, 2019

When Bob Iger was 23, his first boss at ABC told him he was “unpromotable.” “I wish he were alive just to see that he was wrong,” Iger, now chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, told Wharton management Professor Adam Grant during a recent appearance as part of...

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