Kimya Hedayat-Zadeh

Kimya Hedayat-Zadeh is a freelance journalist based in San Francisco.

What Africa Has to Offer

April 30, 2018

With urbanization projects throughout Africa, the development of infrastructure is often incompatible with the needs of the people. The marginalization that Black Panther — the film adaptation of the Marvel comic — decries of black inner cities in the US is about to be recreated in Africa. Phantasmagorical visions of...

Barriers to Treating Opioid Addiction

July 19, 2017

Both the medical community and the US government fall behind on making the treatment of opioid addiction more effective. Percy Menzies is a pharmacist by training and has worked for almost 18 years for a pharmaceutical company that developed and marketed a range of pain medications like oxycodone and oxymorphone....

Opioid Crisis in America: The Politics of Pain

May 24, 2017

From the latest headlines, it seems that all of sudden America faces an opioid crisis. “There’s a guy in the bathroom who overdosed,” said a volunteer at a seasonal shelter in Amherst, Massachusetts, where homeless people come for a hot meal, a shower and a place to sleep. The town...

Standing Up to the Dakota Access Pipeline

December 22, 2016

Protestors at Standing Rock keep up the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. The conflict over a section of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAP), along with other pipelines quietly approved in Texas and back in June in Iowa, poses pressing issues ranging from indigenous rights and landscape preservation, to the prevention of pollution...