Kevin Ivey

Kevin Ivey is the 2018 counterterrorism fellow at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP). He writes on international defense and terrorism issues at Military Periscope, an open-source intelligence platform. His writings have appeared on Fair Observer, International Affairs Review and Tunisia Live. He holds a master's degree from George Washington University.

Money Can’t Buy Love: The Failure of US-Pakistan Relations

September 13, 2018

Washington and Islamabad see the threat of terrorism, the role of Afghanistan and the larger world in fundamentally different ways. For an administration accustomed to public backlash, the Pentagon’s recent decision to withhold $300 million set aside for Pakistan has received relatively little pushback in Washington. While the move led...

This Is the End of ETA

July 17, 2018

ETA’s demise provides lessons that challenge some popularly accepted counterterrorism maxims. The dissolution of the separatist group ETA (Basque Country and Freedom), announced on May 2, was marked by celebration and expectation in Spain. But for a terror group that killed over 850 people in a nearly 50-year campaign of...

The Islamic State is Not Al-Qaeda

July 10, 2015

If the international community sees the Islamic State as a mere extension of al-Qaeda, the measures taken against it will fail. On June 26, the world watched in horror as terrorists unleashed a series of attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France. While people struggle to make sense of the devastation...