Jotam Confino

Jotam Confino is a Danish-Israeli journalist who covers international politics. He holds an MA in Security and Diplomacy and a BA in International Studies.

Does Donald Trump Have a Middle East Strategy?

November 30, 2017

Can Trump’s advisers persuade the president to think about long-term US policy goals in the Middle East instead of succumbing to impulsive decisions? The increase of US military personnel in the Middle East over recent months reflects President Donald Trump’s promises, as well as the fact that he has surrounded himself...

The Coming Clash Between Israel and Iran

November 10, 2017

Netanyahu’s decade-old warnings about Iran might come in handy now that it seems the voters are turning their back on him. When President Donald Trump refused to recertify the Iran deal last month, there was one person in particular who couldn’t be happier — Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. When...