Joel Blankenship

Joel Blankenship is a US Army officer and a graduate of Kansas State University, where he received a BA in Political Science. While attending Kansas State, he was selected as a 2015 NSEP David L. Boren scholar to Kyrgyzstan, where he studied Russian and Eurasian Studies. All views expressed in his writings belong to the author and do not represent the positions of the Department of Defense, the US Army, or his unit.
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Will COVID-19 Alter the Global Order?

Fear, in the globalized sense of the word, had largely dissipated ever since the height of the Cold War, when the world stood by as the two superpowers stared each other down with nuclear weapons. Largely absent since the days of brinkmanship seen during the Berlin Airlift and the Cuban Missile Crisis, the world has been spared such widespread terror, with a few regional exceptions in recent... Continue Reading

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