Jim Naughten

Jim Naughten is a photographic artist whose enchanting and illusory body of work explores our modern-day disconnection from nature. After being awarded a painting scholarship to Lancing College, Naughten studied photography at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth. Drawing on both of these backgrounds, he describes his practice as “digital painting,” using digital enhancement programs to conjure the striking and alluring worlds of his images. Naughten’s work has been widely featured in exhibitions across Europe and the US. This includes solo shows at the Imperial War Museum, the Horniman Museum, and a forthcoming show at the Wellcome Collection, as well as group shows at the Royal Academy of Art and National Portrait Galleries in London. His work is included in collections such as The Museum of Photographic Art, San Diego, The Imperial War Museum, and private collections worldwide. He was nominated for the Prix Elysee 2016 and shortlisted for the Vevey Images photo award 2012.

Jim Naughten’s Photographic Explorations

October 29, 2021

Fair Observer talks to British artist Jim Naughten. Here are excerpts from our interview with him to accompany a photo selection from the series “Eremozoic,” “Mountains of Kong” and “Hereros.”

Jim Naughten’s Exploration of the Age of Loneliness

October 27, 2021

For the vast majority of our very brief time on Earth, humans have lived in harmony with nature, following its laws and its rhythms, taking little more than we needed and leaving almost no footprint of our existence. Not so the new man, who gives his name to the Anthropocene...