Jennifer Wnuk

Jennifer Wnuk graduated Summa Cum Laude from Colgate University, majoring in French and European-Middle Eastern Studies. She has worked with both the European Parliament Liaison Office in Washington and the European Institute. Jennifer hopes to do graduate work in either international law or international affairs.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

A look back at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and an outline of the occupation, the indefinitely stalled peace-process and the unstable Hamas-Fatah alliance. Background The formation of the state of Israel and the subsequent Israeli-Palestinian conflict have remained among the most contentious international developments in the modern world. Since the United Nations Partition Plan of 1947,... Continue Reading

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Afghanistan Through Time: Tribes, Trials, and Tribulations

An overview of the situation in Afghanistan and its neighboring tribal regions. Background Afghanistan is a predominantly Pashtun and Tajik central Asian country that has hosted many critical geopolitical sagas. The country has been historically plagued with scarce resources, tribal rule, landlocked borders, and a significant lack of infrastructure as a result of its location and... Continue Reading

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The International Hand: Humanitarian Assistance and Intervention

A summary of humanitarian assistance and military intervention over the past 20 years, amidst ongoing global crises in Syria and the Horn of Africa. Background When examining global humanitarian crises over the last several decades, the inextricable link between security and human rights concerns that permeates world dialogue and shapes policy choices becomes ever more evident. The... Continue Reading

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