Jeevan Parameswaran

Jeevan Parameswaran is an avid follower of financial markets, with extensive experience working in a diverse range of industries, including asset management and corporate finance. He also has experience working in numerous student organizations at Boston University (BU). Parameswaran represented BU at numerous trading competitions, and he was part of the team that reached top ten out of 400 teams globally at the 2014 CME Trading Competition. While his primary interests lie within the financial realm, Parameswaran closely follows the development of political and socioeconomic factors impacting emerging market economies.

Why Are Interest Rates So Low?

A lack of consensus on a policy prescription keeps interest rates lower for longer. The global economic environment of recent memory has been unusual to say the least. Persistently low and even negative interest rates have failed to spark an adequate revival in economic fortunes as growth remains subpar. This year has seen the commencement of easing cycles by central banks in China and India,... Continue Reading

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