J. Mo

Jack is an investment professional with a prominent hedge fund in New York. Although he sits at the center of the developed world, Jack’s role is to constantly think about the changing economic forces in the world and develop investment themes that work within the new creditor-nation-led economic framework. As the world’s leading creditor nation, China is constantly in Jack’s mind and thus, often in his written musings. Outside of investing, Jack’s interests also include poker, music, trivia, and good mystery novels.

Chinese Yuan: Bull or Bear The RMB shows potential as the next global reserve currency

China has had more than its fair share of downs over the past century, but in 2011 begins to demonstrate its potential as the world’s next leading economy. Soon to boast a larger middle-class than the West and with that the promise of vastly increased consumption,n the Yuan will be a critical global currency by 2020. As long as the RMB can avoid issues of government mismanagement, inflation... Continue Reading

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