Ihsan Cetin

Ihsan Cetin is a faculty member in the sociology department of Tekirdag Namik Kemal University in Turkey. Dr. Cetin's main areas are urban studies, femicide, ethnicity, migration and refugee studies. He is currently a visiting scholar at Freiburg University in Germany, conducting field research on refugees and investigating social and political changes during and after the refugee crisis of 2015 in Europe.

What Makes Women Such Easy Targets for Violence?

Dec 11, 2020

Last year, a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimated that of the 87,000 women who were intentionally killed in 2017 around the world, more than half — 50,000 — were murdered by intimate partners or family members, mostly in their homes. According to official and unofficial records,...

Like Ancient Greece, Modern Society Is Still Enthralled by Demagogues

May 23, 2019

Judging by the success of populist parties around the world, their demagoguery works. In thinking about the rise of populism against centrist politics today, it is interesting to remind ourselves that similar divisions occurred in Ancient Greek philosophy. Aristotle, who lived in the 3rd century BC, and his mentors Socrates...