Henry Mead

Henry Mead is a researcher specializing in the political character of the modernist movement in Britain and Europe. He currently works on the motif of fallenness in modern writing and its theological and ideological implications.

German Nationalism, From Revolution to Illiberalism

April 23, 2021

It is often noted that 19th-century nationalism owed much to the rise of academic history. As historians have observed, studies in national development provided materials for later and cruder claims of fascist cultural supremacy. For instance, Leopold von Ranke and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel represented different versions of such narratives....

The Death of Liberalism Has Been Proclaimed Before

July 15, 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent designation of liberal values as “obsolete” may sound familiar. This is not the first time the death of liberalism has been announced. As George Dangerfield’s classic study put it, the early years of the 20th century saw the “strange death” of liberal values in England,...