Francesco Calzoni

Francesco Calzoni is an international security researcher and analyst. He has worked at various think-tanks in Washington, DC and obtained an MA from the Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies.

What Russia Wants from the Central African Republic

October 26, 2018

Russia is pursuing three strategic objectives in the CAR. Despite the recent focus of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, Moscow’s political adventurism extends well beyond the fence of its own backyard and reaches as far as Central Africa. After Sudan and Eritrea, Moscow is now engaging with the strategically located and...

Russia and China Draw Closer Over Rivalry with the US

September 25, 2018

As aspiring global powers, both Russia and China are trying to upgrade their roles on the global stage and carve out their respective spheres of influence. On September 11, Russia launched one of the largest military exercises since 1981. Vostok 2018 (East 2018) took place in the Far East of...