Eunsun Cho

Eunsun Cho is a student at Georgetown University majoring in international politics. Taking advantage of her living, studying and traveling abroad experience, she enjoys writing about the countries she has visited.

The Rohingya Issue is More Than a Humanitarian Crisis

February 09, 2016

The ongoing religious tension fueled by extremism may become a substantial threat to Myanmar’s democracy. With a new parliament sworn in and the date for selecting a new president fast approaching, Myanmar’s National League for Democracy (NLD) is now tasked with laying the foundation for the country’s democratic development. At the heart of...

Can Scotland Become the Saudi Arabia of Renewables?

February 02, 2016

With strong government leadership and long-time public support, Scotland’s plan for a green future is underway. Leading up to the Independence Referendum in 2014, one way Scotland sought to differentiate itself from the United Kingdom was through its environmental policy. The Scottish government published a draft interim constitution that separated out the...