Emmett Sullivan

Emmett Sullivan is an economic historian specializing in 20th-century economic crisis, the Cold War, and atomic weaponry and society. He is the author of the University of London’s Special Subject “The Bomb – A History,” and the lead educator on the FutureLearn course “From World War to White Heat.” As the program director of the BA in History for the University of London, International Programmes, he has over a decade of experience in distance and international education, including “The Camera Never Lies” MOOC (Coursera), and he has an established background in public outreach education. He was educated at the University of Kent, the London School of Economics and the Australian National University.
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Guam: Today's Cuban Missile Crisis?

US grandstanding over Guam would not be so worrying if it were not for the possible involvement of nuclear weapons. The standoff between North Korea and the United States has been brewing since the leadership changed in both countries. Kim Jong-un has been consolidating his position and extending his family legacy since inheriting the leadership in 2011. The Obama administration dealt with... Continue Reading

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