Emmanuel Gomez Farias Mata

Emmanuel Gomez Farías Mata is a doctoral researcher in government and public administration at the Complutense University of Madrid. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a Master in Public Administration and Public Politics from the ITESM Campus Estado de México. He also studied law at the University Emilio Cárdenas, Mexico. He also has a Master’s degree in Government and Public Administration, with a specialization in public management, from the University Menéndez-Pelayo International.
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Can Mexico Change Its Approach to Corruption?

For López Obrador, corruption is not part of Mexico’s culture. To this day, one of the most serious challenges to Mexico's public service is the prevalence of corruption among officials. At all levels of government — federal, state and municipal — this barrier has proved to be enduring and difficult to overcome effectively. According to Transparency International's Corruption... Continue Reading

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López Obrador’s Personal Safety Is Mexico’s Stability

By foregoing the use of a security detail, Mexico's president-elect is putting public interest at risk. On July 1, Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected as Mexico's new president. His victory marked a historic day for the country: López Obrador is the first left-wing presidential candidate to become successful in recent history. After two failed attempts at the presidency, he became the... Continue Reading

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Merkel’s Journey to Global Leadership Crosses Latin America

For Germany, the greatest gains to be made from Angela Merkel’s trips to Argentina and Mexico are political. The election of US President Donald Trump in November 2016 brought political and economic uncertainty to the world. Upon being elected, Trump announced radical changes to US domestic and foreign policies, aimed at delivering a government that puts “America First.” This populist... Continue Reading

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Immigration is a Tale of Two Countries

Germany and Mexico must remain vigilant to prevent public perceptions from negatively impacting their asylum, refugee and migration policies. Germany is facing the most important immigration crisis in its history since World War II. The recent attacks that took place on three consecutive days in Munich, Reutlingen and Ansbach broke the fragile peace that reigned in the country after the... Continue Reading

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