Emily Guthrie

Emily Guthrie currently works at Sanad for Peacebuilding, a nongovernmental organization based in Iraq. She has lived in Iraqi Kurdistan for over three years where she worked as a teacher and conflict resolution lecturer before moving to Sanad. Guthrie is a certified mediator and holds an MA in Conflict Resolution and Mediation and a BA in Political Science. Her work focuses on local reconciliation in Iraq and research examining barriers to and opportunities for women’s inclusion in peacebuilding processes in the country.

Saving the "Cubs of the Caliphate"

June 05, 2018

Iraq has the potential to harness youth in countering violent extremism and the establishment of future peaceful coexistence. With the defeat of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Iraq announced in December 2017, the country faces critical questions about how it will emerge from and address the drivers and effects...

Iraq's Women: From Poster Children to Peacemakers

April 14, 2017

When it comes to peacebuilding, women are often relegated to more traditional gender roles while their untapped capacity to wage peace is left ignored. In discussions of conflict and its associated processes of resolution, women are often defined by their relationships to their male counterparts or as tokens representing the...