Ellis Cashmore

Ellis Cashmore is the author of "Elizabeth Taylor," "Beyond Black" and "Celebrity Culture." He is an honorary professor of sociology at Aston University and has previously worked at the universities of Hong Kong and Tampa.
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Why Football Has a Racism Problem and How to Solve It

Football player Vinícius Júnior’s claim, “Racism is normal in La Liga” sparked off a new debate about association football’s most enduring, bedeviling and seemingly insoluble problem. Why does it persist in the most globally inclusive and culturally diverse sport the world has ever seen? Ellis Cashmore, who has researched this subject since the early 1980s, provides an analysis – and... Continue Reading

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Has the Rainbow of Inclusivity Now Become a Tyranny?

Inclusivity of one of the century’s great cultural tropes. Taking the knee for black lives and wearing a rainbow on your shirt to support LGBTQ+ rights has become the norm. Many people object to such gestures on philosophical, religious or cultural grounds. Has forcing them to go along with these so-called inclusive gestures turned coercive? Continue Reading

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Sensational Parody of the Transgender Question in Scotland

Without realizing it, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon staked her political life on the transgender reforms. She has fallen on her sword. Scotland now has to wrestle with the ideological questions that have already challenged some other countries and will challenge many others in the years to come. Continue Reading

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